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The Truth About the RECAPTURE Protest

The Truth About the RECAPTURE Protest

This is not the first protest that has been held in San Juan County concerning Recapture Canyon.  Back in 2011 there was an ATV Rally through Monticello that ended at the Bureau of Land Management’s Office on Main Street.  There were at least 200 people present at that peaceful rally and it went off without a hitch.

It would be nice to see the May 10th protest go as smoothly.  Unfortunately, the main stream media has failed to portray the truth about this event and what it is really about.  Also it appears that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is taking a stance of aggression and intimidation instead of trying to work things out with the community to avoid the need for the event.

Commissioner Lyman contacted the BLM back in February right after the town hall meeting to make them aware of what the community had decided to do.  He also presented the BLM with some ideas of what could be done to prevent the Recapture Protest.   His efforts and ideas were met with tactics of stonewalling, threats, and intimidation.  The purpose of this post is to help defuse all the misinformation and lies that are being generated by the media and the BLM as a result of this event.

To set the record straight I sat down with San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman who held the town hall meeting in February and has been the one in direct contact with the BLM.  We spent about an hour talking about the history or Recapture Canyon and why and how this citizen protest started.

This interview is broken into several segments for your watching convenience and we have included documentation to aid in setting the record straight.

A Brief History of Recapture Canyon Part 1

Recapture Canyon to Monticello Utah

The Chronology of the Trail Closure of Recapture Canyon Part 2 

BLM Letter on Recapture

Response to BLM Letter

How the Protest for Recapture Canyon Started Part 3

I have said a number of times, this protest is not about Recapture, or about ATVs, it is about the jurisdictional creep of the federal government. I hear elected officials say that we need to find the “right” issue and then really jump on it. From my perspective, we have a chance every day to defend our local jurisdiction from the overreaching hand of the BLM and other federal agencies.  Commissioner Phil Lyman

As Commissioner Lyman stated above this protest is more about preserving  individuals rights and controlling our own destinies through state, and local jurisdictions than anything else.   There is hope that the BLM will still agree to open the canyon and lift the restrictions as a sign of cooperation with not only the county but the citizens as well.

Please share this with everyone so that the truth gets out!

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