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Recapture – Our Public Lands

Recapture – Our Public Lands


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Date: May 10, 2014

Time: 9:00 AM (possible meeting the night before, TBA)
Place: Blanding, Utah – 255 North Hwy 191.
Purpose: Assert local jurisdiction and challenge the overreach of federal agencies.
Who is invited: This is not being formally sponsored or organized. It was deemed necessary at a town hall meeting in Blanding on February 27, 2014, and we welcome ALL supporters.

Here are a couple of maps of the area. On the 10th We will have some introductions, some Recapture-and-the-Bluesinstructions, and I will explain the topography including what trails have been “closed” by the BLM and which ones remain open. We will also have a flag ceremony and will hear from some dignitaries.

I have included a BLM Map of the Closure Area. This area is open for walking, biking, running, and possibly skipping. It is also open to horses, cows, mules, dogs, etc. It is only motorized machines that are deemed unfit (by the BLM) for these trails. I for one plan to be riding an ATV, carefully and respectfully, on these well established trails which have existed in this canyon for many many years.

There is a likelihood that BLM will have some type of enforcement action planned. If you choose to stay off the closed part of the trail, there will be plenty of riding to do in the name of access.

San Juan County applied for a Right Of Way apparently before the emergency closure which took place in September 2007. In hindsight, applying for the ROW was a mistake; we should have strongly resisted the closure and asserted our jurisdiction over the existing road. The ROW just put this trail into the BLM “process” which gives them control over the timeline.

I have said a number of times, this protest is not about Recapture, or about ATVs, it is about the jurisdictional creep of the federal government. I hear elected officials say that we need to find the “right” issue and then really jump on it. From my perspective, we have a chance every day to defend our local jurisdiction from the overreaching hand of the BLM and other federal agencies.

I appreciate the overwhelming support and attention that this has received. There are some angry and hateful people on the opposite side of this contest, but I assure you that my motivation comes from genuine affinity for the culture, customs, and history of the people of this area.

Please message me here if you have questions, and please share this with others who recognize the accelerated loss of freedoms currently taking place in this country.

Please visit Blanding Area Travel Council for a list of lodging places.

Also, here is a good article on Recapture Canyon.

Downloadable Mobile Map



Recapture Closuure

Recapture Canyon 2006

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  1. Nullify the feds from your state.Start a Constitutional Militia.And abolish the democrats party from your state.

  2. Rick Bussinger

    Finally! People are standing up to the tyranny that has taken place for decades. I really pray it isn’t too late.

    Being in west Texas and caring for my spouse full time I am unable to attend but will be there in spirit!

    I look forward to hearing about your meeting.

    Rick Bussinger
    Lubbock, Tx

  3. I wish you luck, and hope that, somehow, you can win. Sorry I can’t be there. My prayers are with you on this one.

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